About The Gambling Balance

Every gambler, their friends and family members, and every person in the gaming industry will benefit from reading this book…

Controlled gambling is possible with behavioural management 88% of gamblers manage gaming well, only 11% are problematic
Learn how to “Get a Piece of the Action with Peace of Mind” Discover how to focus on the fun with the potential to “Stay in the Game For Life” Access possible solutions that can help you self-assess, alter patterns, and make better choices. Learn how you might be able to enjoy casino sites and gambling again – and “Win Your Life Back Now” Gain a better understanding of the gambler and how to support them as they shift their actions.
You don’t have to manage by yourself anymore… Gambling Balance Coaching Can HELP! With peer coaching, you are less likely to develop problematic patterns. Linda Fitzgerald is an avid gaming enthusiast. She shares her story of preoccupation and immersion into the world of gambling; later finding victory through the application of controlled gaming behavioural management techniques.

Linda walked the twelve steps of abstinence, only to realize that she could take responsibility for her actions in other, less stringent ways. Tens years of valid research have gone into the making of the Gambling Balance philosophy and book. A must-read for all gamblers, families and loved ones of gamblers, persons in the mental health field and for everyone in the gaming industry!

A Personal Note from the Author.

Why add cascading dollars and money fans to this website? Because although gambling is entertainment, in the long run, its about money and the game of making more!

The Gambling Balance book is not all about winning. In fact, it is very little about “winning.” Other coaches have greater expertise in that area. It’s about winning your life back. It’s about “getting a piece of the action with peace of mind,” It about helping you.

Who am I? I am a Nobody…
More Appropriately Spelled “Know-body”…

I’m Someone who Knows Something YOU
Would be Well Served to Learn!

I’ve spent 11 years moving through this process. The topic of “Controlled Gaming” has been my passion. I am well-read and well researched. Dozens of Ph.Ds have contributed to this work. Research studies from Canada, Australia, UK, Spain and the United States are quoted within the text of the book. There is controversy in my position and passion in my purpose. It’s an interesting read!

I faced the addiction and I won! When I got in trouble, the only option offered to me was to “QUIT.” Through research and personal soul searching, I found answers. I formulated a system that works for me… Because QUITTING shouldn’t be the only option! And, those charged with making a profit from us (gaming venues) shouldn’t be the ones teaching us “Responsible Gaming.”

What are Others Saying About the GB book?
“Your book is magnificent.” ~ Deb, Queensland, Australia
“I like the idea of taking responsibility for your own actions.” ~ Kathy, Flint, Michigan
“I agree with you.” ~ Bob, Henderson, NV
“I just received your book in the mail, and it came at the perfect time,” ~ John, Alberta, Canada
“Almost finished reading – I really love your book.” ~ Danielle, NSW, Australia
“I’m still using the advice in your book, not just w/ poker, Gambling Balance is life coaching! I’m avoiding life tilt by practicing everyday balance. The knowledge shared in the GB book is invaluable.” ~ Timothy, Amarillo, TX
“Great read.” ~ Cindy, Queensland, Australia
“The book looks great… looking forward to reading it” ~ Cyndy, Las Vegas, NV
“Just started reading your book… Pretty Deep!” ~ Brian, Minneapolis, MN
“The book is awesome! Great read!” ~ Trish, Las Vegas, NV
“Do you really need to hit rock bottom, before making better decisions? Lots of little gems in this wonderful book!” ~ Facebook Friend

Here’s to YOU…
And, here’s to ME…
And, to OUR Goal to Achieve Gambling Balance!